Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Technology in a Consistent System

Technology changes almost daily.  It changes so much that if you don't keep up with it, then you end up behind the curve.  Business runs better with a system that is consistent.  If you can plan every aspect of the project, then you know what you need to complete it.  The big question is "How do you advance your technology without killing a consistent system that works?"  The answer is not the same for everyone, because what works perfectly for one company does not work for all companies. So lets take some time to look at different types of technology and how to implement them into a consistent system.

1. Trusted Technology.
Trusted Technology is a technology that has been tested for years and already stands on a consistent system.  You can almost always find this type of technology in the hands of teenagers and youth.  Texting, IM, and yes even twitter is good examples of trusted technology.  If your teenager can keep in touch with there friends 24/7,  what is keeping you from doing the same with your staff and clients?

2. Outdated Technology.
With technology always changing there is some technology that gets left behind.  We have all experienced trying to send an email with an attachment to find the "failed to send" return email.  Outdated technology does not stand the test of time because it does not stand on a consistent system.  One reason why email attachments are not consistent is because email providers have different size of attachments that can be sent and received from your inbox.  We are looking for a system that does not have a limit or has a consistent outcome.  

This is why cloud data storage is a big step in the direction of a consistent system.  Most cloud storage systems give you the option to send links to your documents allowing clients and staff using almost all forms of communication and technology.  Finding a technology that uses a consistent system will keep your business from using a technology that will become outdated.

3. Next Step Technology
Taking the next step in advancing technology in a business is a risk.  The best way I have found to start advancing in technology is to use it in addition to a consistent system.  Mobile platform is a great example of a next step technology.  Most people use there smart phone and tablets for checking email, texting, IM, and social networking, but would not use it to type a paper or a long email.  This is why we still need workstations in the office.  I would not use a tablet to design a part in 3D, but I would use it to show the model to a client.  Useful next step technology will become a trusted technology in time. 

4. Wow Technology
Knowing about what new technology can do for your business will help you get a "Wow!" from your clients.  This type of technology is still being tested and does not sit on a consistent system, but knowing that it can be done will advance your business technology.  You don't have to use it to know that it can be done.

What do you thing?  How do you keep up with technology?  

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