Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sheet Set Manager–Part 4

Organizing Drawings using Sheet Set Manager
    1. Using fields with a sheet set
    2. Inserting a sheet set list table or drawing index 

Organizing Drawings using Sheet Set

Using Fields with a Sheet Set
Once the sheet set is created, the ability to use fields in a drawing is available. The sheet set can give information to the drawing such as:
  1. Current Sheet Category
  2. Current Sheet Custom
  3. Current Sheet Description
  4. Current Sheet Issue Purpose
  5. Current Sheet Number
  6. Current Sheet Number and Title
  7. Current Sheet Revision Date
  8. Current Sheet Revision Number
  9. Current Sheet Set
  10. Current Sheet Custom
  1. Current Sheet Set Description
  2. Current Sheet Set Project Milestone
  3. Current Sheet Set Project Name
  4. Current Sheet Set Project Number
  5. Current Sheet Set Project Phase
  6. Current Sheet Subset
  7. Current Sheet Title
  8. Sheet Set
  9. Sheet Set Place Holder
  10. Sheet View
To create a field, start with creating an mtext, right click, then to insert field. All the options above will be available under sheet set in the field category.
Inserting a Sheet Set List Table or Drawing Index
Sheet Set Manager can also create a drawing index from the information in the sheet set.
To create the Sheet List Table, or Drawing Index, right click on the sheet set and select insert Sheet List Table. A pop up box will appear labeled Sheet List Table.

Table Style Settings
AutoCAD comes with two styles as a default. To customize the table style, select the button just to the right of the style name. Select the box labeled Show Subheader to show the subsets in your drawing index.
Table Data
Adding information is basic. Selecting the Add button will add a new row to the table.
Subsets and Sheets
Here is where adding and removing selected sheets and subsets, it is done by using selection boxes.
Once done select OK, The software will ask for a location of the new sheet list.
The Sheet List Table can be updated by changing the information in the Sheet Set Manager. Now the same information that is in Sheet Set Manager matches the same information in the table.
To change the information, select the table, under the ribbon tab Table Cell, click the Download from Source. The table will update.

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