Monday, September 30, 2013

#30n30 - Fields

Fields can add dynamic text to your drawing and make updating faster and more productive. A number of fields can be added to your text. Anything from area to sheet set information. Today we are going to add an area field to mtext. 

1. Run command mtext. 

2. In text, right click and select “Insert Field” 


3. Select the field name “Object”. 

4. Under “Object type” select the box to the right. This takes you back to the drawing allowing you to select the object needed. Select “Object” 

5. Under property select “area” 

6. Change the format and precision as needed 

7. Select “OK” 


8. Now the area is added to the mtext 


Once you create the field text, it will update with the object. Just refresh when the object is updated.

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