Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cloud Computing Part One - Services

What is Cloud Computing?

 To get started, we have a quick video of the basics of cloud computing before we talk about the online services you can use for your data.

With the basic knowledge of cloud computing, it's time to pick a cloud computing service to hold all your information.  Picking a service is not as basic as asking your friend, "What do you use?".  You will need to take the time to look at many factors like:

  • Available Memory (free)
  • Upgrading Memory cost
  • Desktop Client
  • Mobile Applications
  • Sharing Files
  • Security
  • How you are going to edit and use your files

Autodesk 360

Autodesk just jumped into the cloud computing game with the release of Autodesk360 this year.  This service is deeply integrated with Autodesk products.  When you install an Autodesk product like AutoCAD, the software will map a new drive to access your Autodesk360 files.  Also the service syncs all your custom setting, so you can access them on another computer.


SugarSync is by far our favorite cloud service.  The biggest tool is the ability to sync any file and folder to the cloud, not just files located in a single folder.


Dropbox is a fan favorite and kind of the start to cloud computing in the main stream market.  It's simple because the files you place in your Dropbox folder on your computer will be uploaded to the cloud.

Google Drive

Google is a little late in the game of cloud computing, but Google Drive has been one of the most desired.  Google Drive is just like Dropbox, but without having to sign up for another account (if you have a Google account).

Box.Net is a great choice if you want to spend the money.  Box gives you the most free memory, but syncing with your desktop is a pain unless you dish out some $.


Microsoft is also trying their hand at cloud computing.

Here is an overview of the details of each service (other than Autodesk360) to help pinpoint what service will work for you.