Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Google Drive + AutoCAD WS

Google just released there long awaited cloud computing service called Google Drive.  Could this be the start of cloud computing in main stream business?.  With Apple calling the next era in computing a "Post PC world", I could see how Google Drive could be the start to that new era.

Google Drive

Google Drive Video

What does Google Drive have to do with AutoCAD WS?
AutoCAD WS is deeply integrated into the new Google Drive.  After installing the WS Chrome application, you are able to open and save drawings to Google Drive.  AutoCAD WS has a tutorial on how to use AutoCAD WS with Google Drive.


What is in the future?
With the popularity of Google Chrome along with the growing interest in cloud computing and web based applications, Google maybe on to something here.

Do you think Google is going to take over the cloud storage market?

Do you think people will start using cloud computing now that Google Drive is integrated into Google Chrome?