Monday, April 16, 2012

3 Things You Need to Know Before Installing AutoCAD 2013

Other then knowing all the AutoCAD 2013 Key Features in the new release, there are 3 things you need to know before installing your shiny new toy.

1. What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a big part of the newest update to AutoCAD.  You are able to us the Autodesk service called Autodesk360 to sync your settings and files.  The video bellow is a good overview of what is cloud computing.

2. What is Autodesk360?

Now that we know what is cloud computing, it's time to talk about the service AutoCAD is using to store your information.  Autodesk360 is the service that is integrated into AutoCAD 2013.  This will store both drawing information for access on other computers and mobile devices, along with your custom tools and profiles.  The video bellow will show you an overview of Autodesk360.

3. Exchange Apps and Language Packs.

AutoCAD 2013 has the very cool Exchange App Store introduced in 2012 release.  We talked about the Top 5 AutoCAD Productivity Apps you need to download back in June. Also now you don't have to download and install more then one AutoCAD to change the software language.  The video will give you the overview of the two cool features.