Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AutoCAD 2013 Key Features

The time has come! Time to talk about AutoCAD 2013 and all the new cool features.

Command Line Enhancements
Yes they have changed the command line....It's about time. The command line is now a floating object with transparent history.

Array Enhancements
A large  amount of array enhancements have been added to the new release.

In-canvas Property Preview
I am in love with this update.  When you change the property of an object, the changed property will displayed in the model.

Point Cloud Support
The new point cloud tool has been added to the insert ribbon for quick access to point cloud tools.  AutoCAD 2013 also added the ability to xref point clouds.  Also a number of display options for point clouds has been added.

AutoCAD has added press and pull for multiple objects.  Nice! It's about time.

Importing Inventor File
The time has come!  We can import Inventor models into AutoCAD.

Section Views
A large number of new enhanced features for Section Views has been added to the new AutoCAD update.
let's run down the list.
1. The ribbon control for adding section cuts.
2.  New interactive label for views.
3. New view style manager in ribbon for section style .
4. Multifunctional grip editing on section line allows you to move section line, remove vertices, flip direction and reposition identifiers.

Offset Preview
Nice little feature that shows you a preview of what the offset will look like.

Autodesk360 Integration 
AutoCAD has added cloud computing in to the mix this year.  This allows automatic upload drawings to the Autodesk360 server.  One of the best features of 2013 the is ability to upload your settings to the cloud.  I hope to see more integration with cloud computing in the future.

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