Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top 5 AutoCAD Productivity Apps

Now that Autodesk has started the new AutoCAD app store, it is time to share our top five productivity apps.
Clipboard Manager
Clipboard Manager is a useful tool that keeps track of everything you copy and paste. Now you have a fast way to copy and paste more than one object.
Darn you xref!!! Why Can I not offset you?!?!?! Being in Civil Engineering, this is on the top of my list. This app allows you to offset objects that are located in an external reference or block.
DWF/PDF Batch Publish
Need a quick set for redlines? Use this tool for fast printing.
This app approximates 2D and 3D curves to change them into a number of straight line segments.
Dimension Patrol checks your current drawing for any dimensions that have been changed or manually overridden.
Have you been playing with the new app store?
Do you think the app store is going to stay?
Do you have a great app to share?

The new Autodesk Exchange App store is now available from your web browser.  Check out the new store my clicking the banner bellow.

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