Thursday, July 7, 2011

Creating Linetypes Tool

Creating Linetypes
Creating linetypes in AutoCAD can be faster than you think. A couple of releases ago AutoCAD created an express tool that can create a linetype from lines and text.


Make Linetype Commend
Command: _mkltype
Under Express Tools >; Tools > Make Linetype


Once the Make Linetype command is launched the software will ask for a .lin file so that your linetype can be saved. The options to create a linetype file or use an existing linetype file can be done.


Then the command line will ask a number of questions.
1. Name new linetype.
2. Linetype description
3. The start location of the new linetype
4. The ending locaton of the new linetype
5. Selecting the object to add to the new linetype.


That is it! Done! Creating a new linetype is created.