Friday, September 23, 2011

Simplifying TIN Surface Editing.

The Problem
Editing TIN surface information can be a pain. To make any small change, we end up going to Toolspace, then surface, the surface, definition, right click on edit, lastly select the tool we need. By the time I get to the tool, I forgot what I was doing.


The Fix
Use a LISP file to launch each command. This will keep you from the number of clicks it takes to edit the TIN surface.

Creating LISP File

  1. Open Notepad in windows.
  2. Save a blank text file.
  3. Copy and paste the text below.
  4. Save
  5. Right click on the file in Windows Explorer and Rename.
  6. Change the extension from .txt to .lsp

(defun c:sal ()
(command "addsurfaceline")
(defun c:sdl ()
(command "deletesurfaceline")
(defun c:swe ()
(command "editsurfaceswapedge")
(defun c:sap ()
(command "addsurfacepoint")
(defun c:sdp ()
(command "deletesurfacepoint")
(defun c:sep ()
(command "editsurfacepoint")
(defun c:smp ()
(command "movesurfacepoint")

LISP Commands
SAL = Add Surface Line
SDL = Delete Surface Line
SWE = Swap Edge
SAP = Add Surface Point
SDP = Delete Surface Point
SEP = Edit Surface Point
SMP = Move Surface Point

Loading LISP File
Load Application command
Ribbon > Manage > Applications > Load Application or command: _appload


Once the Load/Unload Application pop up box shows up, follow the steps to load the LISP file.

  • A. Find location of the LISP file.
  • B. Select Load
  • C. Confirm the file was loaded
  • D. Close
  • E. If you need the file to load every time Civil 3D is opened, you can use Startup Suite to auto load the file.




  1. Nice tip, thanks.

    I add lisps such as this to our enterprise CUI so they autoload for everyone.

  2. Tommie,
    Thanks! This is something that Civil 3D was lacking, Quick access to some design tools. If only there was a ribbon. hmmmmm......

  3. Great post! Do you know of an easy was to turn tin lines on and off?

  4. @Design-Board - Happy to help!

    @Wesley - Right now no, but give me some time. Maybe I can come up with something.