Friday, January 28, 2011

Using Polar as Ortho

The one thing I love and hate about using AutoCAD is the Ortho tool.  Love it because of the beautiful right angles it gives be.  Hate it because it slows me down having to hit the F8 button all the time.  Say hello to my little Polar friend.  The Polar tool that gives you the ability to specify the angles needed, but did you know if you hold the shift key with the Polar tool on (Ortho needs to be off) you are able to draw right angle lines.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Clue - Audit

One of the best ways to reduce the size of your drawing files is to audit it. As time goes by the drawing will have a number of errors that will cause the file to become large and even crash the software.


Once you launch the command, the software will ask if it needs to fix the errors or not. By default the software keeps the errors when running the audit, so make sure you type Y before ending the command.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Video: Air Hockey

Quick Clue - Classic Layers

Let me guess, your computer crashes every time you use Layer Properties Manager. On newer versions of AutoCAD, The Layer Properties Manager is an interactive and dynamic feature idem. The problem with having an interactive and updating Layer Properties Manager is it continually updates in the background taking up RAM on your computer. Remember back in the old days, you had to close Layer Properties to continue using AutoCAD. That option used less RAM then the new and improved Layer Properties Manager.

Command: _classiclayer

The classic Layer Properties Manager is back! Yes you will still need to select OK to continue.

CAD Clues now on Twitter

CAD Clues is now on Twitter at

Video: Trolley Design Part 2

Video Fun with Road Grading

Quick Clue

Set Bylayer

Have you ever received a drawing from a client or an outside source that has nothing set to bylayer? Using the command setbylayer you are able to set everything to bylayer in the drawing. Yes I am even talking about blocks.

Command: _setbylayer

Dropbox now using AutoCAD WS

That's right, you can upload your drawings to Dropbox and then open them in AutoCAD WS on your iOS Device.

Now we need to get AutoCAD WS to support PDF files.

Dropbox Now Supported by AutoCAD WS

Get your AU 2010 Classes Now!!

If you have a AutoDesk Subscription or a AUV Premier Pass you can finally get to see your classes.  AUV this year did not go as well as expected.  AU had a number of technical problems this year and had to recored every class for later.

Check out how to access your classes here

Video: Trolley Design Part 1


AutoCAD WS - Poll

AutoCAD is doing a poll right now on there mobile app AutoCAD WS.  The Poll is over what you think the next update needs.  I think we need to have pdf support, because at this time we are not able to open files larger then 15mg and files with 3D objects in AutoCAD WS.  I know and understand that in time Autodesk will have a mobile app that is able to open any file.  

I just think it would be nice to take my design to the site and mark up comments on AutoCAD WS along with opening up drawing files from my iphone.

Take the poll by going to AutoCAD WS website

Quick Clue

Move, copy and rotate, wish you could do all three commands at once. Guess what, you can!

Command = _MOCORO

The Command is also under the ribbon tab Express Tools called Move/Copy/Rotate

Using this command allows you to move, copy, rotate and much more in one step.

Going Mobile Part 2


Dropbox is a software tool that allows you to take your documents with you on your iOS (iPhone, Ipod Touch and Ipad), Android, and Blackberry devices. Using Dropbox you are also able to share files with more then one computer.

I use Dropbox to help me take drawing file to the site. I create pdf files of the sheets I need upload and now I have them on my phone.

Check out the video

You can find out more at

Going Mobile Part 1


A few weeks ago AutoDesk Released a new iOS App for your Ipad, Iphone and Ipod Touch.  When you download the app, it will ask you for a user name and password.  The name and password is the same as your AutoDesk user name and password.  Once you sign in go to AutoCAD WS Website to upload your drawings, images, design review files, and much more.

Check out the welcome video from AutoDesk

Update part 1 11.30.10

A new update of the app is on the way.  One of the biggest upgrade is the ability to view you files offline

Check out the video

Update part 2 12.04.10

the new 1.1 update is available in the app store.....enjoy